A sturdy silver metal bed with a very interesting coil design in the headboard and footboard. It comes with a strong mesh base. Very quick assembly (Available in 3’ Single, 4’ Small Double, 4’6’’ Double and 5’ King Size)

Product Dimensions

Package Dimensions

Package Dimensions

Pack Qty

Single (3’):

L198cm x W100cm x H98.5cm



Small Double (4’):

L201cm x W132cm x H98.5cm

Single (3’):

103cm x 92cm x 13.5cm


Small Double (4’):

137cm x 105cm x 18.5cm

Double (4’6”):

153.5cm x 75cm x 12.5cm

140.5cm x 101cm x 11cm


King (5’):

155.5cm x 104.3cm x 11cm

169cm x 75.5cm x 12.5cm

1 or 2

Double (4’6”):

L201cm x W147cm x H98.5cm


King (5’)

L208cm x W162.5cm x H98.5cm



Additional Information

Standard 3’, 4’, 4’6’’ and 5’ mattress applies